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Create a long-term value with quality commitment. Provide standard, superior and efficient clinical trial services based on scientific facts.

Enhance company expertise value, provide clients with value-added user experience through each collaboration opportunity.

people oriented and employee engagement.

Focus on industry development, improve customer’s research and development efficiency and benefits.

Strategic Target
To become one of the world’s most influential CROs,to provide integrated solutions to our customers.
Efforts to innovate for interests of the customer.

Our has in mind in the heart of the matter


Good faith first

Good faith first, to establish relationships of trust and responsible


The pursuit of speed and efficiency, focus on innovation have an impact on customers and companies


Decision-making and the business management base on the fact


Committed to customer satisfaction and success
Core Business

By means of scientific and technological innovation and scientific data, provide mainly on clinical trials of medicinal products research and development, professional services and solutions.


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